The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) reported that there have been decreases in the prices of products in the food basket in recent months. Read: Products that rose in price in the first fortnight of May

Among the items that dropped in price according to Profeco are whole chicken, white bulk egg, sour lemon without seed, alpha / white potato, Golden apple, Tabasco banana and white onion without tail.

According to its Who’s Who in Prices program, Profeco reported that, on a national level, the price of whole chicken is $ 36.7 pesos per kilo, that of white egg $ 43.0, of alpha / white potato $ 22.9 and that of Seedless lemon or Colima lemon is $ 27.3 pesos.

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The white onion without tail costs an average of $ 16.4 pesos, the Golden apple at $ 36.5 and the Tabasco banana at $ 18.7 pesos.

Profeco considered the prices of the second week of April and compared them with the second week of May, and found that the Mega Soriana branch in Michoacán had the greatest decrease in the cost of whole chicken in bulk, with viscera or super or whole type, going from $ 42.5 pesos to $ 29.9 pesos. In the Mega Soriana branch of Plaza Coacalco, in the State of Mexico, there was also a drop in the price, going from $ 39.9 to $ 29.9.

White bulk egg went from $ 42.5 to $ 24.5 at the Mercado de Abastos El Refugio, in Durango, having a difference of 18 pesos, while in Mercado Morelos, in Hidalgo, it decreased $ 17.00 from 445.0 to $ 28.0.

In turn, in Mercado La Cruz, Querétaro, the kilo of sour lemon with seed or Colima lemon, had a price of $ 42.0 in April but dropped to $ 16.0, that is, $ 26.0. In the country’s capital, that same product, in Chedraui Plaza América branch, went from $ 43.9 to $ 17.5.

Profeco also found in the Who’s Who in Prices that a kilo of white onion without a tail at Walmart Plaza de Toros branch, in Querétaro, fell from $ 24.9 in April to $ 8.9 in May; that is, a difference of $ 16.0. In Mexico City, at Mega Soriana Coapa branch, the same product went from $ 25.8 to $ 9.8.