Profeco reconciles purchases at Sears and the consumer now questions

We are almost halfway through the tenth edition of Buen Fin and if something remains constant, it is a large number of complaints about prices and promotions. The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) has released its first figures in this regard.

The statements issued by the owner of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, for Milenio, where it indicated that in the first days of the Good End, Walmart (which should be noted does not participate in the Good End but has its own discount strategy, the Irresistible End), Liverpool and Office Depot, are the companies that most complaints are reported by consumers, where the frequent complaint is the breach of the advertised promotions.

The representative of Profeco assured that so far Profeco has given 1,400 consultations, agreed to 215 telephone conciliations with 75 complaints still in process and 49,000 inquiries on the Who’s Who portal in Good End Prices.

“The products with the most complaints are screens, clothes, shoes; the providers with the most complaints are: Walmart, with 98; Liverpool, with 29 and Office Depot, with 17; the states where the most complaints have been filed are: Mexico City, with seven; Jalisco, with four and Querétaro, with four ”, he highlighted for the aforementioned media.

As for the reasons behind these complaints for brands like Walmart, Liverpool and Office Depot , the owner affirmed that the not immediate delivery or in the promised time, prices that are not fulfilled and unclear payment conditions, are the main ones.

“One of the complaints is that they do not deliver the merchandise immediately, some show a price, but when they pay, for paying with a credit card they do not want to respect the price and the offer does not say that it is only payment in cash” he claimed.

In the midst of these numbers, a communication strategy issued by Profeco itself has stood out, which has consisted of issuing some testimonies of conciliations achieved for various reasons and at different points of sale throughout the country.

In this way, the body that defends the consumer has filled its feed in spaces such as Twitter with videos where some consumers express their gratitude to the agency for interceding in the fulfillment of offers, discounts and conditions on their purchases.

One of the most notorious cases was the one in which Profeco indicated that a Soriana branch located in Soriana had to comply with the strange request of a client who, after seeing that said liquor had a promotion of three bottles for the price of two, he requested that all bottles of whiskey the store had in stock be sold to him.

This resulted in a refusal by the Soriana branch to comply with the request, so Profeco had to intervene to finalize the sale, arguing that the brand was wrong by not placing a restriction on the number of units sold by each customer.

This resulted in the sale of 2,340 bottles of whiskey that were sold under a promotion of three for the price of two.

The latest video published in this regard refers to a complaint handled at a Sears branch located in Zacatecas, in which Profeco conciliated in favor of the consumer so that the sale and promotion of computer equipment be respected.

Although one user was favored, the truth is that among the comments expressed around this last video, they have questioned the functions of the attorney general’s office, where some users have indicated that the agency only attends to appropriate cases, while many others have echoed claims that, so far, find no solution.

This type of claim has been constant in all the videos published on this tone and identified by the hashtag #TestimoniosElBuenFin, which leaves an interesting gap that Profeco must cover.

And it is that in the same way that stores have to win the trust of consumers with respect for their discounts and other promotions, the truth is that Profeco must also be seen as a constant ally for the consumer, an aspect that , at least apparently in social networks, it is not a reality.

Consumers accuse that Profeco “only works” at times like Good End when their jobs are under scrutiny for obvious reasons.

Without determining a judgment on the veracity of these positions, the truth is that it is clear that Profeco must work even harder to demonstrate its work with facts; posting video testimonials might not be enough.