Profeco begins surveillance operation for Lent 2021

Through a statement, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) announced that last Friday it began with its Lent 2021y Guidance and Surveillance Operation, which is why it called on the population to consume seasonal fish and seafood in the country, since imported species are more expensive.

This face-to-face operation covers the 38 main commercial areas of the national territory and began in the La Nueva Viga fish and seafood market, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office of Mexico City.

Profeco begins surveillance operation for Lent. Photo: Reforma

As he announced, fish and shellfish from the sea and national aquaculture have high nutritional value and can be found at affordable prices, such as Mackerel, at $ 41.00 pesos on average per kilo, Carp at $ 41.12, Lisa del Golfo $ 46.87, Flag $ 57.28, Large Tilapia $ 71.73 or Mexican Mojarra $ 77.77.

On the other hand, imported products such as salmon, lobster, shrimp or sea bass always have higher prices. For this reason, consumers are invited to consult, through the Who’s Who in Profeco Prices Program, the prices of 42 species, including fish and shellfish, in supermarkets, public markets and fishmongers, this throughout the year and in season of lent.

Will monitor prices

The attorney general’s office will maintain a price display surveillance operation in the main supply centers and markets of the country, where prices will be placed and, in some points, scales will be available to corroborate product weighing.

Due to the current situation due to the pandemic, the operation will be emphasized more on Thursdays and Fridays, since these products are consumed the most. Similarly, Profeco gave a series of recommendations for better consumption, which are:

Acquire fish and shellfish in established stores. Try to consume the fish and shellfish on the same day of purchase and without viscera that could contaminate the product. Choose the place of purchase correctly, preferably they should be establishments that have the necessary equipment, such as refrigerators and freezers, that guarantee freshness in the product. Buy the whole fish, in order to take advantage of other parts, such as the head that gives good flavor in the preparation of broths and soups. Compare price and quality.

In the same way, they can demand:

Prices at sight. That the scale is in view and has the Profeco calibration hologram. The delivery of full kilograms.

In the event of being victims of any abuse, consumers can report any abuse on the part of the providers, for which the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722 or at the number 800 468 8722 is made available.

They can also do it through the website, at the address; Or, via the email; or through our official social networks: on Twitter @AtencionProfeco and Facebook @ProfecoOficial.

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