Producer shows on Tik Tok that strawberries are watered with black water – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Have you ever eaten unwashed fruit? In Mexico it is a whole culture that first of all, you have to wash your food or cook it; however, in some parts of the world, people eat food as it arrives. A national producer explained why they are disinfected, and that is that they are irrigated with sewage; yes, the one with the sewers and toilets.

This was announced by means of a video in which the Russian youtuber who lives in Mexico, Ale Ivanova, responded, who affirms that he had a “culture shock” when he wanted to eat strawberries in Mexico, which he had just bought and came directly from the packed. “Since then, I always do (disinfect them), but I don’t know why,” he closed his video.

That is how the user @ dr.bellopoarch arrived, who explained that the issue is that strawberries irrigate with sewage, that is, with water that comes from toilets, sewers, etc., so there may be bacteria and other type of agents harmful to health.

“Let me explain you. The strawberries are generally watered with black water, that is, with ‘popodrilo corn teeth’ ”, jokes the tiktoker.

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