Prodrive shows Loeb and Roma BRX T1 4×4 for Dakar 2021

The countdown to the start of the 43rd edition of the Dakar has already started and that means Prodrive’s long-awaited BRX T1 4×4 debut is closer. The prototype developed in recent months by Prodrive has gone almost in record time from being a render on a ‘paper’ to completing its first test by Nani Roma. Soon after, the British preparer’s V6-powered prototype has lost its camouflage to show its forms. A peculiar design under the designs of Ian Callum that will not leave anyone indifferent. Now it is necessary that, in addition to presenting a peculiar figure, it is fast and reliable in the desert.

The Prodrive BRX T1, the prototype that Sébastien Loeb and Nani Roma will compete with within the Bahrain Raid Xtreme team, stands out for its unique shapes that almost bring it closer to a sports car than a 4×4 designed to compete in the desert. In fact, its aerodynamics have been specially developed in the hope of having the support of a brand that can give the BRX T1 a more familiar silhouette. Beyond its aesthetics, Prodrive’s car is not that far from a typical 4×4, both for its weight distribution and for the position of its engine or the distribution of spare tires.

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However, The BRX T1 has many similarities to the Toyota Hilux V8, at least as far as your disposal is concerned. However, Ford’s 3.5-liter biturbo V6 engine It is located in the forward position, although in a position quite back under the axle, almost already embedded in the passenger compartment. In this way, a great distribution of weights is achieved, since the fuel tank is behind the cockpit. With 450 hp, a really low center of gravity and a 4×4 drive system, the sensations at the wheel according to Sébastien Loeb himself are not those of a vehicle that weighs almost two tons.