ProColombia will lead virtual forum in Canada to promote the Colombian tourism offer

BOGOTÁ, March 5, 2019.- The best tourist places in Antioquia.  (Colprensa). BOGOTÁ, March 5, 2019.- The best tourist places in Antioquia. (Colprensa).

Within the framework of the economic reactivation of Colombia, one of the sectors that the Government wants to promote most is tourism. With this in mind, the government agency ProColombia will organize the ‘Annual Tourism Forum in Canada 2021’, a virtual event with Canada that works as a space for interaction between to consolidate relationships between companies. This will be the first time that Colombia organizes the event and It will run from February 23 to 26.

“Canada is one of the most important markets to position our country as a tourist destination and that is why we decided to organize this event in the North American country for the first time, as we want to continue forging close ties and business opportunities for Colombian entrepreneurs who have adjusted their tourist offer with biosecure, high-quality and sustainable experiences ”, stated Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

In the event A virtual business conference will be held in which 52 entrepreneurs from 10 departments will participate of the country: Antioquia, Bolívar, Caldas, Cundinamarca, Quindío, Risaralda, San Andrés and Providencia, Santander and Valle del Cauca. Until now, 520 appointments are scheduled for Colombian entrepreneurs to meet with 30 Canadian buyers. Some of the interactions will be with representatives of companies such as Goway and Kensington Tours, which have decades of experience in the market and can help internationalize Colombia’s tourism potential.

In addition to the commercial showcase, in the four days that the forum lasts Academic spaces related to trends in sustainable tourism, cultural diversity and air connectivity will be opened. ProColombia assured that Canadian travelers are interested in discovering diverse natural spaces, which include cultural, adventure and luxury experiences.

Under this premise, the destinations with the highest demand are Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín and the Coffee Axis, This is why the organizers of the event highlighted that Canadian buyers will be able to access an “online trip” to see these places.

The digital tour includes an explanation of the Colombian coffee production process, the transformation history of Medellín and the cultural offer of Bogotá and Cartagena. These spaces will be complemented with short videos in which visibility will be given to the offer that Colombia has for the community tourism segment, LGBT and the meeting industry.

Similarly, ProColombia highlighted three other events that will be held at this ‘Annual Tourism Forum in Canada 2021’:

– Tuesday, February 23: Air connectivity panel, which will be moderated by the Vice President of Tourism of ProColombia, Gilberto Salcedo. Spokespersons for the airlines Air Canada, Avianca and Copa Air, the Operadora Aeropuerto Internacional (OPAIN) company, the concessionaire of the El Dorado Airport in Bogotá, and the Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa SA (SACSA), concessionaire of the Rafael Airport will participate in this space. Núñez de Cartagena.

– Thursday, February 25: A training module aimed at Colombian entrepreneurs for them to learn about the Canadian market. Trends and perspectives will be addressed regarding the current situation and its impact on the tourism industry, which will be dictated by international travel professionals.

– Friday, February 26: The forum ‘Sustainable and Responsible Tourism, Beyond Platitudes’ with sustainability experts who will make known the challenges that come for the industry on sustainability issues. The Vice Ministry of Tourism of Colombia will participate in this space; Wade Davis, nature expert and contributor to National Geographic; Tourism Cares, an American organization dedicated to supporting social projects through the travel industry; and Acotur, the Colombian Association for Responsible Tourism.

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