Prochazka wonders with a KO to Reyes and Blachowicz challenges him

The main event at UFC Las Vegas 25 could define the next challenger to the Heavyweight Championship. It seems that it will be so. Jan Blachowicz, monarch of the division, did not lose detail and after the brilliant victory of Jiri Prochazka over Dominick Reyes (he knocked him out in the second round) was clear on Twitter: “You against me in Cieszyn (Poland, his native country). Prince vs Samurai. Sword vs katana“He pointed out. The path seems clear for both of them. No wonder. Prochazka played his second fight in the UFC, but with that performance and a streak of 12 straight wins (11 by KO), no one doubts that he is the chosen one.

The combat began with a pause. The two took it easy and with a puncher of that level, Reyes decided to take the fight to the ground. There he tried to control, but it did not last long. Once in the striking, Prochazka caught him with a right hand that sent the American to the ground. It could be redone, but the Czech’s punch was clear. In the second round Reyes took the center of the octagon and wanted to put measure … it was not long before he lost it.

Prochazka started to attack, Reyes counterattacked him and there the madness began. The American caught the Czech and came up. No quarter crossing. When one arrived, the other replied. Despite this, Prochazka made it clear that he was doing more damage. Even so, Reyes was brave and with a left he made his rival’s legs wobble. He took him to the floor, looked for the guillotine … but Prochazka had gas. He managed to get away, press on the ground and pound and in the final part he pressed Reyes against the cage. He elbowed him and when it seemed that he was going he put an elbow that knocked out the former challenger for the title. One hit, a viral KO. The new kid claims a position. The champion offers it to him.

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