“Processed” Smoothies: Why It’s the Worst Thing You Can Have for Your Health and Weight

Processed fruit smoothies are anything but healthy. They are characterized by their high calorie, sugar and carbohydrate content. The worst? They do not contain fiber.

Photo: Image by Rubén Calvo on Pixabay / Pixabay

At this point, there are behaviors and eating habits that we simply shouldn’t even consider. Among the main ones is the high consumption of beverages and processed foods, although there are some products whose devastating effects are quite evident; others that are sold as “healthy” and are just as dangerous, such is the specific case of processed smoothies. The truth is that on many occasions we decided to opt for buy bottled versions of healthy juices or smoothieseither as a meal replacement or as a healthy alternative to soft drinks. These drinks have been created to make us believe that we are consuming the best possible nutritional and natural decision.

The first thing we have to say about it is that, broadly speaking, avoiding soft drinks is one of the best measures to improve health, prevent diseases and enjoy a healthy body weight. However replace them with sugar-laden drinks It is not a good idea and even less so are these proposals for bottled smoothies. The truth is that we have all fallen into the trap by thinking that by being made with fruits and vegetables, we are really making a better decision for our well-being.

Reality? Health experts keep warning us about store-bought fruit shakes, which sadly are incredibly misleading when it comes to total sugar, carbohydrate and calorie content, and there are actually many variants that can do more harm than good. to the body. Currently with the new rules on food labeling, these drinks should include the three legends: toHigh content of sugar, carbohydrates and calories.

In fact, there are studies and research works in which it is verified that processed smoothies have a high content of sugar, carbohydrates and calories alarmingly higher than we could imagine. Fruit juice mixes and ready-made smoothies at a glance appear to be full of nutrients and they are easy to find an effective way to reach our health goals, but they are often highly caloric and very high in carbohydrates. For more context, nutritionists have compared these drinks to the caloric intake of a complete meal, worst of all, they lack the nutrients, fiber and proteins that are responsible for satiety. So these smoothies are not only caloric and low in nutrients, they tend to make consumers feel hungry much sooner.

How to spot a misleading label:

The first rule is not to believe in those labels that on the front of the bottle mention: “No added sugar” and “made with 100% natural ingredients.” You should always turn them over and read the nutritional chart to verify the actual ingredients, the captions that come as the front of the label are often created to entice the consumer and are quite misleading.

Another thing you should know about processed smoothies is that they are often high in sugar, despite the labeling with no added sugar. More data? A commercial juice or shake can contain the equivalent amount of sugar contained in a single serving bottle of Coca Cola. Both drinks with a staggering 14 teaspoons of sugar!

Last but not least, if not quite the opposite: the health effects are overwhelming. In principle it is normal to experiment blood sugar spikes, which is related to its large amount of fast-digesting carbohydrates that can increase blood sugar quickly. When that glucose level drops, it’s normal to feel low on energy and quite hungry.

Also processed smoothies don’t compare at all to fresh and natural combinations freshly made, in principle because the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are oxidized almost immediately. Another worrying aspect is that the fiber is extracted from the juice, therefore They will never provide the nutrients or fiber that you get from fresh fruits. So now you know if you buy any product of this type, it will fall completely short in nutrients, you will consume more calories, you will be hungrier and it is very likely that you will gain weight.

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