Process begins to help New York small businesses affected by COVID-19 with up to $ 50,000

Process begins to award grants of up to $ 50,000 to NY small businesses affected by COVID

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New York State gave its word that it would help businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis, which have had to go through the green and ripe ones to stay afloat, and this Thursday took a step further, after announcing that small companies with financial difficulties can now apply grants up to $ 50,000 to have an economic respite. The goal is to reach out to some 330,000 companies.

The news was revealed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, after calling on New York small businesses to sign up for the so-called Small Business Recovery Pandemic Grant Program, which has $ 800 million in relief.

The president explained that the plan reimburses businesses with up to $ 50,000 for expenses related to COVID which have been incurred between on March 1 of last year and on April 1 of this 2021.

“Small businesses are one of the most critical components of the New York economy and were disproportionately affected by the economic devastation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the state leader. “As we rebuild New York better than it was before, this program will help these small businesses, particularly those with socially or economically disadvantaged owners, regain an economic foothold so they can move toward a more prosperous future and sparkly”.

Subsidies, which Cuomo proposed to be exempt from tax, they will be delivered to small and micro-enterprises, as well as to independent for-profit artistic and cultural organizations.

It was also revealed that disadvantaged businesses will be given special priority, including minority-owned businesses, women, disabled veterans, and businesses that remain in vulnerable communities.

Although the maximum amount of money given is $ 50,000, the minimum amount that those who apply will receive will be $ 5,000, and in order to claim the funds, it must be shown that payroll costs, commercial rent or mortgage payments for properties, payment of local property or school taxes, insurance costs, utility expenses, personal protective equipment necessary for health and worker and consumer safety, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, machinery or equipment, and supplies and materials necessary for compliance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Those interested in requesting relief funds can fill out the application, through the site

Deaths from COVID-19 drop below 10

The good news given by the Governor occurred just as Cuomo optimistically shared that the positive cases of COVID continue to drop to record numbers for the 13th day in a row, and although he regretted that there are still fatalities, he reported that on the last day 9 deaths were recorded by coronavirus, including 5 in the Big Apple.

Likewise, the Governor assured that the infection levels of the last 7 days throughout the state reached the record figure of 0.47%, which follows a steady decline over the last 66 days. Total deaths from the virus reached 42,833.

Cuomo also highlighted that in the last 24 hours they applied 104,488 doses of COVID vaccines in New York and expressed with great optimism that the statewide vaccination rate has already reached 69.2%, with 11 million New Yorkers taking at least the first dose.

Meanwhile, the Mayor Bill de Blasio He also added to the optimism shown by Cuomo and mentioned that hospitalizations in the Big Apple for suspected COVID-19 there were only 75 patients, with a positivity rate of 0.45 per 100,000 patients ..

Similarly, it revealed that the average of new infections in the last 7 days reached 212 and that the rate of positivity across the city was 0.71%.

De Blasio He took the opportunity to insist once again to New Yorkers about the importance of vaccination, which in the city has already applied 4.4 million doses, to be able to return faster and with greater security to a better standardization.

“There are doubts in various parts of our city. And sadly some of the strongest hesitation in some of the places hardest hit by COVID. The best way to respond is with patient and consistent work, constantly reaching out to communities, addressing concerns, incorporating voices that people trust: clergy, community leaders, doctors, pediatricians. This is how over time we overcome some of those doubts, ”said the Mayor.

“We also have many people who do not hesitate, but simply need (the vaccine) to be available, to be convenient, maybe an incentive to help them get interested. But these are also some of the people who are working very, very hard, “said the mayor. “These are a lot of New Yorkers with two jobs or, you know, a tough job and a family to deal with and all the rest of it, for whom just finding the time to focus on it or getting answers to the last few questions is a big problem”.

Where to apply for small business grants?

Those interested in receiving these reliefs ranging from a minimum of $ 5,000 to up to $ 50,000, can fill out their application on the page

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