Private schools will return to face-to-face classes in March

The National Confederation of Private Schools AC (CNEP) announced that as of March 1, private schools of all levels of the 32 entities of the country will have a return to classes on a voluntary basis.

For this reason, they called on the local, state and federal authorities to allow them to collaborate through the FEP and the CNEP in the design, implementation and evaluation of the reopening program, as well as the relevant protocols for the reduction of risks of transmission of SARS COV2.

Return to classes in private schools will be on March 1. Photo: Reform Not mandatory

Alfredo Villar Jiménez, president of the National Association of Private Schools (ANEP), said that this measure is not mandatory and each campus can choose whether or not to return to classes. Similarly, parents may make the decision to send their children to face-to-face classes or if they wish to continue with the distance scheme.

Similarly, he announced that since last year, about 20,000 private schools that are closed, in addition to this, it is estimated that around 2 million students dropped out of their basic education, this as a result of the closure of the classrooms.

For this reason, around 8,190 schools nationwide, ranging from preschool to postgraduate levels and that belong to this association, will return to face-to-face classes, this regardless of the color of the current epidemiological traffic light.

Alfredo Villar said that the idea that the authorities have of returning to face-to-face classes until the month of August is not feasible since this could represent an academic delay for students, which could take 6 to 10 years to recover.

Given this and as a consequence of the fact that this reopening is not approved, the Association of Private Schools said it was ready to deal with this situation, this by filing legal appeals and appeals, because surely the local governments will impose fines or other sanctions.

To return to activities in person, he assured that the necessary measures will be taken and the health protocols recommended by federal authorities will be followed.

Currently only one state, Chiapas, in green color of the epidemiological traffic light, 21 states are in orange, meanwhile, the SEP will allow the return to classrooms as an educational center in states with yellow traffic lights.

For this reason, the return to classes in Campeche and Chiapas is being prepared due to the low transmission of COVID-19 infections in these entities.

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