Prison for two nurses for stealing 500 Covid-19 vaccines in Bolivia

A judge in the Bolivian town of Guayaramerín determined the preventive detention of two nurses who were custody charge of 500 vaccines against Covid-19 that disappeared from a health center and were later returned, the Prosecutor’s Office reported this Sunday.

“According to the assessment elements, the judge has determined the preventive detention for two of the apprehended within 60 days“, informed the departmental prosecutor of the Amazon Beni, Ruthiar Vásquez.

The two nurses will carry out preventive detention in the Las Palmas prison in Guayaramerín, near the border with Brazil, while the “more elements to clarify the fact”, argued Vasquez.

The third person detained in the case was released as there was no “sufficient elements to support an accusation“explained the prosecutor.

“This does not mean that is excluded of the investigation that continues its course “, indicated Vásquez.

The hearing of precautionary measures was held on Saturday night virtually and the nurses are accused of the crimes of breach of duties and breach of contract, according to the prosecutor.

The 500 anticovid vaccines disappeared last Thursday from the Los Almendros health center in Guayaramerín and upon realizing the fact, the managers of the local health network denounced the situation to the Special Force to Fight Crime.

The vaccines were found that same Thursday after some hooded men returned the same in the vicinity of the health center.

All the vaccines were returned, but these doses cannot be used because they are does not know if the cold chain was maintained and if they were treated properly, the coordinator of the Guayaramerín Health Network, Maicol Borches, informed the media.

The Bolivian Government intensifies the vaccination of the inhabitants of border towns with Brazil to avoid cases with the new variant from Brazil.

Bolivia accumulates 274,467 positive cases and 12,316 deaths, since the first contagion was identified in the country in March of last year.