PRIOR Design presents a special proposal for the Dacia Duster

Normally, PRIOR DESIGN preparations are only available to luxurious and high-performance models, but this time they have lowered the bar a lot, using the Dacia Duster himself as a base. A unique creation that puts the Romanian SUV in a special situation with a kit that provides the extra aggressiveness that it lacks.

It is the true car of the people, a quality bet at a very good price that enjoys high sales figures in the vast majority of the markets in which the Romanian firm is present. Those are some of the qualities of Dacia duster, an SUV built to last. For commuting and for work, but far from a design dominated by aggressive sportiness.

It is true that the preparer who has dared to retouch the Dacia Duster is used to doing it with high-end models, with high performance, so it is the first time that those of PRIOR DesignThey are facing a project of this caliber, a virtual representation that anticipates the possible production of a special kit for Dacia, in which you can see the changes that the German tuning specialist has conceived for the model.

Take a look at the kit designed by PRIOR DESIGN for the Dacia Duster, the sportiest Romanian SUV

The special kit designed by PRIOR DESIGN for the Dacia Duster may cost more than the model itself

It draws attention from any side or angle, being difficult to decide what is most striking. If the special tuning of the chassis with the significantly lowered suspension height that is practically flush with the ground, the large alloy wheels or the mounting of the tires, very low profile only comparable to cigarette paper.

The Romanian SUV has also received the characteristic bumpers that they like so much in their “Widebody” type preparations, which also involve other modifications in the front and rear side fins to fit the fenders, like the impressive wheel arches, giving a greater width. Thus, like the front part impresses with the large air intake in the lower section, in the rear it is a diffuser that dominates, along with two large leaks.

PRIOR DESIGN has not given details or intentions about bringing this virtual creation to production, but unless there is a decision to the contrary, it is more than possible that it will remain on the hard drive of one of its computers. And is that the price that a kit would have for this model makes it practically unfeasible, costing more than the Duster itself.