This Wednesday it was reported that the Monterrey Princess Sugehit, would have tested positive for Covid-19. Sugehit will not be present at the 87th anniversary of the CMLL.

The Monterrey woman had the opportunity to fight for the CMLL Women’s World Championship, against Marcela, after winning the polls conducted by the CMLL.

Sugehit made the mention to the fans that he will not be present on the 87th anniversary because it came out positive and she is asymptomatic.

Princess Sugehit tests positive for COVID-19

She mentioned this in the CMLL Informa, where she thanked the public for having helped her with the voting and that she would not rest until she was the queen of the CMLL. Her fight would have been the fifth fight on the card, where at the moment only 7 fights are confirmed.

Sugehit was asked when she traveled to CDMX, where the Amazon answered that for these types of events there are protocols that must be followed and that she had 3 medical exams, and in the latter they gave her the news today.

Where she mentioned that she was positive for Covid-19 and that she went to the doctor to confirm, and they told her that she was asymptomatic, putting her in quarantine for 14 days.

Where she was sad when she gave the news, and that she hopes to return to her activities soon, since it is something that caused her a lot of surprise since she does not know when she was infected because she did not feel any symptoms.

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