Princess Sugehit She is one of the Amazons spoiled by the fans, the Monterrey woman has managed to find herself in the public’s taste for several years since she has proven to be a great fighter, either as a tough or as a technique she has shown that she has great capacity and fit any style. Despite having lost her mask in the 84th Anniversary CMLL this did not affect her popularity and liking for her.

Win Championship voting

After several days of voting on the official website of the CMLL the Monterrey fighter managed to win against another of the spoiled fighters and who is living a great moment, we refer to Dalys but he also managed to impose himself on another very respected rude as she is Poppy. Due to this, he earned his place to be in the most important event of the company, which is the Anniversary function and to be able to look for the Women’s World Championship which currently holds Marcela.

Positive in Covid-19

A few minutes ago The Serious and Stable I confirm that unfortunately Princess Sugehit has tested positive for Covid-19 and although she is asymptomatic for the moment, this forces the fighter to remain in quarantine, isolated and under observation, which is why she will not be able to participate in the 87th Anniversary CMLL, in the next few hours it will be confirmed what will happen with that contest and if another fighter is the one to replace the regia in that case everything would indicate that the Panamanian Dalys That I am in 2nd place, whoever occupies her place in that contest, but this has not been confirmed.

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