Princess Leonor’s class, who is studying fourth of ESO at the Santa María de los Rosales private school, must keep a fourteen-day quarantine after a positive coronavirus has been confirmed among her classmates.

According to sources from Zarzuela, before the detection of this case in the princess’s class, advanced by Telemadrid, the center has recommended to the parents that the students who study in said classroom do not attend preventively during the next two weeks, at the expense of what the health authorities of the Community of Madrid determine.

The sources specify that the princess will follow the regulations and health indications, as well as the Kings and the Infanta Sofía.

Princess Leonor returned to classes last Wednesday, accompanied by car by the King and the Infanta Sofía, who yesterday resumed her second year of ESO studies at the same center. This time it was Queen Letizia who drove them to school.

According to the sanitary protocols of the school, the daughters of the Kings have arrived at the center with a mask and, before entering the building, their temperature has been taken.

The two of them have gone with the school uniform – gray skirt, white polo shirt, blue sweater and dark shoes – and with their backpacks on their backs. The Queen, who was also wearing a mask while driving, has not gotten out of the car.