Princess Beatriz, a royal wedding with only two guests due to the Coronavirus | Instagram

Beatriz de York and her fiance Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi They have waited a long time to unite their lives, and after the date of their supposed link was modified with the new restrictions for the coronavirus, everything seems to be ready for their next wedding.

Apparently the future link between the couple would contribute to the good image that the British crown needs at the moment, a fact also considered by the couple as they would take advantage of the occasion of their wedding for the May 29 close to continue collaborating with the solidarity causes that they carry in their hearts.

However, the emergency lonely due to the coronavirus deviated the plans of both and now if they intend to continue with the preparations for their wedding, they will have to stick to a too intimate meeting, with so alone two guests.

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On the other hand, although the bride and groom have only seen setbacks, it is said on the continent that this wedding is already considered the “most damn of the history of the royalty“Since it was postponed three times and now, as they announce, only two people will attend the event.

The above, after an official statement was released by the Church of England indicating the number of people who will be able to attend a wedding During the most critical period of the coronavirus pandemic, at most there may be only five people.

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This would include the priest, the boyfriends and two witnesses. The reasons why the link has been postponed so long was due to a series of situations.

The father of the bride has been the center of attention for a few months he is involved in having a link with the deceased businessman Jeffrey Epstein , who is accused of exploitation of minors.

Subsequently, the wedding it had to be postponed due to the claims of the English people, due to the high costs that the princess’s wedding will entail Eugenia in October 2018.

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On the other hand, the couple formed by the royal Beatrice and her fiancé would have suggested to the guests that instead of buying gifts, they give financial support to the organizations they represent.

One of them is Big change (one of the founders is Beatriz herself) the organization supports the education of the youngest and promotes projects for those with talent.

While for his part, Edoardo founded Cricket Builds Hope , which uses cricket to promote positive social change in Rwanda.

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It is worth mentioning that this custom of supporting the most disadvantaged through foundations has become an increasingly common alternative among those who have everything “take altruistic advantage off the classic wedding list to collaborate with solidarity organizations.”