Prince Harry and Lilibet’s cameo in Meghan Markle’s birthday video

In the first seconds the video we see the cameo of baby Lilibet , who has never been shown on camera, through a portrait on Meghan’s desk, as she talks with Melissa McCarthy. There is also an adorable framed photo of Archie behind the photo of Lili.

Later in the video, Prince Harry makes an appearance while Markle chats with McCarthy. Harry stands outside the window next to Meghan’s desk juggling apparently wasn’t planned as McCarthy starts laughing and Markle, confused, turns around to see her husband joking at the window.

You can see the full video at Archewell. The mission of the 40×40 initiative is to encourage others to spend 40 minutes of their time supporting and mentoring a woman who is re-entering the workforce after COVID-19.

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