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The magic of the first day of the month unfolded in full force, although it is true that We still cannot say that we have broken upwards the important and lasting resistance of 7,230 points. Of course, the possibility of the sale sign in the form of a sunset star that had been brewing since last Wednesday and that has not finally been activated by undoing the figure was canceled.

So we just have to wait for us to break the resistance zone with the forcefulness and volume necessary to be able to think of a serious and lasting recovery. But while that happens we have in our control panel several companies that are doing very well and that are from the technical point of view in a very important situation that they deserve their follow-up to be able to enter them in time if they manage to break their respective resistances.

1) Prim: With the second highest volume of the year this value seems ready to break the resistance of 9.50 euros. So you will have to be vigilant at that level to enter if it continues to have a volume similar to that of this Monday. While it is true, one way to ensure that we have a firm break is to wait to see two consecutive closings above them.

2) Telefónica: We have already seen the action come to its resistance of 4.50 euros and now it only remains for us to break this level up and put to order with more volume than yesterday and activate a stop loss at 4.31 euros.

3) Reunited Techniques: This value has broken its most immediate short-term resistance, but it lack of volume and the next one is very close. So it’s time to wait and see what happens to the resistance of 15 euros before entering

4) Gathered Tubes: With a very profitable session yesterday but which lacked to finish closing in the area of ​​maximums and positions to order with more volume, the idea is to wait to enter when the maximums of yesterday’s session are exceeded in the 1,464 euros if we see that this break is accompanied by volume.

Evolution of the four bets of the session
                    Eduardo Bolinches