Price of the dollar today, Wednesday, November 18, exchange rate

Mexico City. Today Wednesday 18 of November 2020 dollar is listed in $ 20.22 Mexican pesos, trending up according to The peso opens the day by appreciating 0.16%, equivalent to 3.2 cents. This advance of the Mexican currency is due to the fact that the dollar shows weakness against its main crosses.

During this morning, markets have received with optimism the news that the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech against Covid-19, has achieved 95% efficacy in studies in preventing infections. Pfizer expects the use to be approved and can begin distribution of the drug before the end of 2020.

The optimism generated by this information has boosted investors’ appetite for risk, and the stock markets start the day with a profit.

At the close of this Tuesday, the Bank of Mexico registered that the exchange rate in the spot interbank market ended at $ 20.29 pesos per dollar unit, (it fell almost 11 cents since Friday). In turn, the FIX dollar ended the session at $ 20.32 pesos (down almost 16 cents).

Exchange rate: Dollar price in real time:

Regarding the exchange rate in banks in Mexico, the dollar for sale has its highest price in Banbajío, at $ 21.50. For the purchase, its lowest quotation is in Banorte and IXE, at $ 19.15.

Regarding the euro, it is priced at $ 24.02 pesos, for $ 26.89 pesos of the British pound overall average. Regarding the oil price, West Texas Intermediate is at 42.11 per barrel, trending up.

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