Mexico City. Today Wednesday June 3, 2020 the dollar listed on $ 21.65 pesos, according to the platform. During the day yesterday, both the Mexican peso and the Mexican Stock Exchange registered gains, in the face of a renewed wave of investor appetite for riskier assets. This in the face of signs of recovery and reactivation of economic sectors in several countries after the brake by the Covid-19.

For Banco Base analysts, the peso appreciated along with most of the main crosses, especially the currencies of emerging economies, given signs of a global economic recovery during May and the expectation of new fiscal and monetary stimuli in Europe.

Exchange rate: Real-time dollar price:

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and lawmakers are working for a second round of fiscal stimuli. In addition, the European Central Bank is likely to announce an increase and an extension to the bond purchase program on Thursday.

At the local level, Arturo Herrera, Secretary of the Treasury, estimated that the economy could have a rapid but asymmetric recovery, after the effects of Covid-19.

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Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks in Mexico, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 23.00 in Banbajio, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 20.50 in Banregio.

Rodolfo Campuzano, Director of Strategy and Portfolio Management at INVEX, said that the exchange rate continues to benefit from the attitude of investors globally.

Regarding euro, it is quoted at $ 24.29 pesos, for $ 27.29 pesos from the pound sterling overall average.

Oil prices in real time:

Although oil prices fell on Friday, their weekly balance was favorable, something that gave stability and support to the peso. During the last days, oil prices have increased.

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