Price of the dollar today, Thursday, November 19: how much it is priced at in Venezuela

The value of the Venezuelan bolivar reached its lowest value against the US dollar for about a month. The latest data offered in the currency market shows a large rise in the country chaired by Nicolás Maduro. East Thursday, November 19, the value of a dollar is equivalent to 684,903.72 bolivars.

The United States currency increased by 70% in value, compared to the close of the market the previous day. They also rose the price of the value of the coin of four markers averaged by Monitor Dollar Venezuela. Thus, the average exchange rate in the parallel market stood at 720,263.78 bolivars.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the economy of the Venezuelan country. For this reason, Maduro has been taking out various bonuses to help the most economically vulnerable workers, families and people during the state of emergency. The Love Bonus for Venezuela It was the last time to light on November 16.

Regarding the number of infections, the Ministry of Popular Power for Health published, again, updated data on the coronavirus in the country. In total, there are 98,350 confirmed cases, 300 positive in the last 24 hours, which means a small decrease compared to yesterday’s infections, which were 311.