Mexico City. Today Sunday May 17, 2020 the dollar listed on $ 23.93 pesos, according to the platform. This week, the peso was only able to recover for one day, due to news related to its own economy and the effect of the coronavirus on a global scale. Read How to pay your CFE electricity bill online

One of the risk factors that led to a negative week for the peso was the increase in tensions between the US and China, which generated a series of disqualifications and threats between the two countries.

Trump again accused China of failing to report and act on time in the face of the initial COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. In addition, it resumed the attacks in the trade war that it has been waging for a long time against the Asian country: prohibition to American companies so that Huawei does not have access to sotfware and processors that it requires in its equipment. In addition, the United States has increased its military presence in the Chinese maritime region, increasing international tensions.

Lea China will act against Apple for blockades to Huawei in the US

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For its part, China demanded that the United States pay the corresponding fee to the United Nations, and demanded that it cover the more than 2 billion dollars that correspond to it.

On the commercial front, China threatened to affect the interests of American companies like Apple. For example, it would conduct investigations for monopolistic practices and apply restrictions to them.

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Another element that causes concern in the markets are the cases of new Covid-19 infections in countries such as Germany, China and South Korea in their attempt to reactivate their economies.

During this week that ends, negative data was also published for the United States economy, a country that has already added 36 million unemployment insurance in recent months.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the Bank of Mexico made a cut in its reference rate, to place it at 5.5 percent, the negative predictions about the contraction of the Mexican GDP and in general about its economy, were also reflected in the Global negative close this week for the national currency.

Thus the dollar closed the week in the country’s banks. | Source:

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks of mexicoThe price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 25.30 in Banbajio, while the lowest price for purchase is at $ 22.00 in Banregio.

Regarding euro, it is quoted at $ 25.92 pesos, for $ 28.97 pesos from the pound sterling overall average. Read: WHO: Spraying disinfectants does not kill the coronavirus, affects health

Oil prices in real time:

During the last days, oil prices have increased. This has also had an impact on the final price of fuel for the final consumer.