Mexico City. Today Saturday May 23, 2020 the dollar listed on $ 22.73 pesos, according to the platform. During the day yesterday, the Mexican peso again had gains in its exchange rate against the dollar, to settle at 22.77 units, its best level in 9 weeks.

The peso had benefited from the weakening of the dollar in previous days, however the US currency has been recovering in recent days.

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The main factors for the recovery of the Mexican peso were the increase and stabilization in oil prices, as well as signs of economic reopening in several countries, including the local economy.

During the week there were also tensions between the United States and China over the management of the pandemic of the Covid-19, as well as the Asian giant’s plan to impose a new security law on Hong Kong.

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Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks of mexicoThe price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 24.00 in Banbajio, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 21.50 in Banco Azteca.

Regarding euro, it is quoted at $ 24.79 pesos, for $ 27.65 pesos from the pound sterling overall average.

During the week, US economic figures were released, such as the 17.8 percent collapse in the sale of used houses during April and the requests for support for unemployment insurance of 2 million 438 thousand as of May 16, accumulating 38 million 615 thousand in the last nine weeks.

Oil prices in real time:

Although crude oil prices fell yesterday, their weekly balance was favorable, something that supported the peso. During the last days, oil prices have increased. Continued production cuts and signs of reopening of the economies have favored stability and recovery in the value of crude oil.