Price of the dollar at the close in Mexico today Thursday, February 18

East Thursday, February 18, 2021, the price of the dollar is at $ 20,3015 Mexican pesos, according to real-time information from the platform. According to the registry published by Banxico from Monday to Friday, the price of the FIX dollar ended at 20.4165 pesos, with which it rose 19.08 cents. For its part, the Interbank Spot dollar ended the day at 20.3590 pesos, up 13.80 cents since its close on Wednesday. The Mexican currency loses for the third session in a row and accumulates a retracement of 40.60 cents.

The economist Gabriella Siller argues that from a technical point of view, the exchange rate between the peso and the dollar again tests the resistance of the moving average in a 100-day period (the dollar is around 20.3435). If the uptrend is sustained for several sessions above that level, a change towards 21 pesos per dollar unit could be confirmed.

In the national context, Siller argues that with the electricity and gas cuts that have occurred in recent days, it is possible that the forecasts for Mexico’s growth in 2021 will begin to fall. In addition to this negative short-term forecast, the period in which full economic recovery is expected after the crisis generated by the pandemic could also be extended.

Dollar price in real time:

He adds that the direct impact of closing plants due to power outages could be 0.13 percentage points of GDP. Although the number seems small, it is also necessary to add what would be lost in the production chain and in the services sector, which would receive an indirect but also negative impact.

In addition, automotive plants could show a slowdown in their production as a result of the shortage of semiconductors, and later it may fall due to power cuts.

Despite the above, an optimistic expectatve is maintained for the manufacturing sector due to the higher demand from abroad, especially from the United States, which has presented an economic recovery in ‘V’.

In the international context, United States Treasury bond yields continue to trend upward due to fiscal stimulus that has generated expectations of higher inflation. This movement may affect the exchange rate as it strengthens the dollar and the Mexican peso weakens.

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks in Mexico, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 21.00 in Banregio, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 19.15 at Banco Azteca, according to Dollar. info. With respect to the euro, it is priced at $ 24.56 pesos, for $ 28.37 pesos of the pound sterling in general average.

Oil price in real time:

The price of a barrel of West Textas Intermediate (WTI) oil currently remains at $ 59.94; while Brent oil is located at 63.51 dollars per barrel.

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