There are plenty of speculations regarding the PS5 price. Amazon messed it up a few days ago putting 499.99 euros on Amazon France, and allowing several users to reserve it for that price for a few hours until they realized the failure. Whatever the price at which the console is launched, the users who reserved it will be guaranteed, at least, at that price.

499.99 and 399.99 euros: price of the two versions of PS5?

And the 499.99 euros sound more and more like the final price at which PS5 is released. The filter IronManPS5 He has shared what would be the prices and release dates of the console and its accessories. The console would indeed cost those 499.99 euros, while the only digital model would fall to 399.99 euros, being a very attractive price and with an even greater difference of the 50 euros that were currently estimated. The final price of the console could vary depending on what Microsoft decides to put on Xbox Series X, and it seems that it will move away from the 600 euros that seemed very possible considering the excellent hardware that both consoles equip.

The PlayStation 5 release date It would be November 14 in Japan, and the November 20 in Europe and the United States.

Headphones will be the most expensive accessory

As for the accessories, all would be put on sale together with the consoles in their corresponding region, with the following prices:

Vertical stand for PS5: 19.90 euros Media Remote Control: 29.99 euros Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: 179 euros PS5 HD Camera: 59.99 euros Dual charging station for DualSense: 29.99 euros DualSense controller: 59.99 euros

About the price of the games nothing is said, but it is estimated that these will cost the same as the PS4 currently cost, as Amazon itself also leaked by mistake. What the filter did reveal is that you can start book games this summer, so PS5 reserves could open before September.

Although the prices and dates make a lot of sense, it is important to take this information with tweezers because it is very likely that the filter is inventing it. However, the final price should not vary much from these figures, which allows us to calculate how much we have to save to buy the console, accessories, and games.