Although the existence of the Xbox Series X is undeniable, since 2018, one of the first rumors generated next to the main console was that of Project Lockheart, which later derived in the name of Xbox Series S, a version of size, specifications and reduced price of the new console that would follow the spirit of the Xbox One S of the current generation.

And it is that until now we had been able to see a huge amount of rumors and even various renders that imagine what this new console could be like, something that seems to have forced Microsoft to finally officially confirm the existence of this console.

But without a doubt the most remarkable thing about this announcement has been the presence of the price of the Xbox Series S, which barely would reach $ 299, a difference of $ 200 and almost 50% less than the currently estimated prices for both Xbox Series X and PS5. With this price, Microsoft is making a really aggressive entry into the war of next-generation consoles, especially considering that for the moment Sony has not spoken more than a second identical version of its console with the only differentiation of the elimination of the optical reader, which is only a small reduction in its final price.

However, this has not prevented the arrival of new and even juicier leaks, which although they confirmed this new design and the price of the console just a few hours before to the official Xbox account, they also gave us a head start a filing date. Filtered through a short video created by Brad Sams, we get a look at the next-gen entry-level SKU. And it is that breaking with another of the concepts proposed until today, instead of a lower cube, this new interpretation would leave us with an Xbox Series S thin enough to fit inside an Xbox Series X.

A size that should not excessively influence the capacity of its components, being able to still house a graph based on the 4TF RDNA2 architecture, maintaining a power close to the Xbox One X under an orientation perhaps more limited to monitors and resolutions up to 1080 pixels. In the same way, it would be expected that this console maintains other of the key features of the new generation such as using NVME drives, the loading and processing capabilities of several games simultaneously and at high speed, and even ray tracing.

Finally, another of the fundamental differences of the Xbox Series S would be removing the reader for physical games, relegating its use exclusively to the digital format.

So, although at the moment these are nothing more than rumors, the latest advance would leave us with a simultaneous release date for both Microsoft consoles, which would be available worldwide as of November 10, 2020, thus leaving a fairly short margin for its preliminary presentation, which is expected to take place between the end of this month and the next.