PRI-PRD alliance officializes towards elections 2021

Minutes before the conclusion of the square to form coalitions, the state PRI went to the State Electoral Commission (CEE) to formalize an alliance with the PRD.

Heriberto Treviño, leader of the PRI, and Silvia Elizondo, of the PRD, delivered the corresponding stationery to the President of the CEE, Mario Alberto Garza.

“It is a great alliance for Nuevo León, always thinking about the welfare of our state, always putting the welfare of Nuevo León before any interest and I think that in this sense we have been working surprisingly, as you say, but not because we have been building for a long time, ”said Treviño.

Upon arriving at the registry, Elizondo said that the National Action Party (PAN) lied when confirming that he would go with them.

Yesterday Mauro Guerra, PAN leader, confirmed that they would go hand in hand with the PRD, but the latter came out to deny it and confirm that there was no agreement in between.

And time ran out. With two coalitions registered with the State Electoral Commission (CEE) by Morena-PT-PVEM-Nueva Alianza, and PRI-PRD, PAN and MC will officially compete alone in the 2021 election.

With this, there is no going back for the blue and orange political institute to officially form an alliance.

And when a PAN-MC alliance was not finalized, it is confirmed that Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas he withdraws from the candidacy for the governorship of Movimiento Ciudadano, however, will compete for mayor of Monterrey.

It was announced that the coalition, which had been planned since August, was named « Nuevo León Ahead ».

Morena, PT, PVEM and Nueva Alianza register coalition in Nuevo León

Under the motto “Together We Will Make History Nuevo León« , Morena, PT, PVEM and Nueva Alianza registered a partial and flexible alliance with the State Electoral Commission (CEE).

After being received by the President of the EEC, Mario Alberto Garza, the legal representatives of the parties explained that, they will go in coalition in 13 councils, 26 municipalities, which include the entire metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey and the surrounding municipalities, with the exception that Morena will designate the candidate for governor.

If there is no MC-PAN alliance, I will not run for governor: Colosio

With less than 24 hours for the closing of alliance records, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas affirmed that if Movimiento Ciudadano does not go in coalition with the PAN, he will leave his candidacy for governor and will seek to run for mayor of Monterrey.