Presumed name of Cabeza de Vaca falls in the US


The businessman Baltazar Higinio Resendez Cantú, an alleged accomplice in the case of the governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, was detained by North American authorities and handed over to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for being required for crimes of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

Because it is a collaborative process between the two nations, the US federal law enforcement agencies only leaked his capture without the need to publicly disclose the capture.

Resendez Cantú was handed over to the McAllen-Reynosa International Bridge, where the Mexican police were already waiting for him.

The contractor is designated by the FGR as an intermediary through which the purchase and sale of a real estate located in Bosques Santa Fe in Mexico City is arranged for the amount of 42 million pesos.

According to the Financial Investigation Unit (UIF), the governor evaded the treasury a little more than 6 million pesos.

It is also linked to various contracts for the benefit of the employer and in which the governor would obtain profits.

Apparently the state government awarded public works contracts in favor of the construction and real estate companies “RC Tamaulipas SA de CV” and Barca de Reynosa SA de CV, which turned out to be the property of Resendez Cantú.

For the time being, the detainee was taken to the State of Mexico, to the Altiplano prison and will be awaiting the hearing.


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