Prestige Grade X Series: luxury entry to audiophile sound

Featuring a new custom-made 38 ohm driver and various enhancements for a supreme listening experience.

Grado presents its renewed range of Prestige input headphones. This update mounts a 38 ohm driver that achieves an even rounder sound as it has been custom designed for the Prestige X models. In addition, it has optimized the design of its case, cable and headband. Specifically, this X Series consists of five models: SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x and the flagship SR335x.

New magnetic circuit

The upgraded speaker design of the Grade X Series features a new magnetic circuit that has been optimized to improve overall efficiency. Coupled with a newly designed voice coil and diaphragm, distortion is minimized while enhancing its harmonic integrity. As a result, the new 2021 Prestige Series is easier to move around portable devices and offers the best possible audio quality.

Genuine design

As usual with Grado headphones, they maintain their vintage 60s aesthetic with an open design. The casing, with a classic design and aesthetic signature of the brand, is maintained throughout the range, being made of metal in the flagship SR325X model. In this new generation, the SR325X features a powder-coated aluminum casing that adds weight to the headphones. With this enhancement, transitions from lower to higher frequencies are smoother. The casing of the rest of the models is made of SpaceBlack Polycarbonate, a proprietary material developed by Grado Labs that absorbs unwanted acoustic vibrations.

Improved cable

In addition, Grado has improved the cable with a new woven coating. In this way, the cable is more resistant and flexible, immune to tangles, and allows them to be used more comfortably anywhere. The eight-conductor (SR125X, SR225X, SR325X) and four-conductor (SR60X, SR80X) cable is made of copper that offers greater purity in the audio signal.

More comfortable headband

This new generation of Grade 2021 headphones is completed with a more comfortable headband that allows them to be used without problem during longer listening sessions. Its coating is vegan protein, except for the SR325X model, which is still leather. In both cases, the material of the headband is so resistant that it will not be affected by constant use, or by contact with hair products such as waxes or gummies.

Available now

The new range of Grado SRX headphones is available in Spain from its official distributor, Sound & Pixel Planet. This range is the best way to experience Grado sound for the first time. Its careful reproduction and the heritage of its design make the Prestige series so special that it continues to evolve, now with the X Series. And, how could it be otherwise, all Grado SRx headphones have been assembled by hand at the Grado factory in Brooklyn.


SR60x, 129 euros; SR80x, 149 euros; SR125x, 219 euros; SR225x, 279 euros; and the flagship SR335x, 359 euros.

About Sound & Pixel Planet

It is one of the leading Spanish distributors in specialized audio, hi-fi, Hi-Res and Home Theater devices. Associated with more than two dozen high-profile international brands, it offers in Spain and Portugal, through its network of specialized points of sale, comprehensive customer service and a careful catalog in which quality, the quality / price ratio and the proposal prevail. of solutions tailored to the needs of 21st century audiophiles and moviegoers.

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