Presidential jurisdiction. Heads may be tried from tomorrow

Nilsa Hernandez

Mexico City / 02.19.2021 09:36:05

Mexican presidents may be accused and judged for any crime as of tomorrow, after the amendments to articles 108 and 111 of the Mexican Constitution, which eliminate the presidential jurisdiction, were published today in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

During their time in office, presidents may be tried for crimes of treason, corruption, electoral crimes, among others by which an ordinary citizen can be prosecuted.

According to the changes to article 111, to proceed criminally against the President, it will only be necessary to accuse him before the Senate of the Republic, which will attend the case in accordance with the applicable legislation.

For this, all provisions that oppose the provisions of this agreement will be repealed.

On November 26, the Senate of the Republic approved with 89 votes in favor and 23 against its elimination, this after almost two years of the initiative of the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

What is the presidential jurisdiction?

Parliamentary immunity, or presidential jurisdiction, consists of a protection granted to the President, which stipulates a certain immunity from prosecution, in electoral crimes or corruption. This method is also used by other public officials, such as senators and deputies.

During their tenure, the president and the legislators are obliged to dedicate themselves to providing care to the Mexican people, so they cannot be prosecuted or detained.