President of Ecuador receives medical discharge after being operated in the US

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, who faces walking problems due to medical malpractice, reported that he was discharged from a hospital in the United States on Saturday where he underwent an operation in the lumbar area.

Today I was discharged. The operation was a success, I thank you for your prayers and good wishes, “said the 65-year-old president, a member of Opus Dei, through his Twitter account.

I start my rehabilitation process, “he added.

Lasso underwent surgery on Wednesday at a Miami sanatorium to remove a cyst in the lumbar area, which was formed as a result of a medical malpractice that he suffered in Spain in 2013 and which compromised his spinal cord.

The communication secretariat of the presidential house also indicated on Twitter that the president “will continue his treatment with physical rehabilitation and in the next few days he will return to the country.”

Lasso traveled to Miami a week ago and plans to dispatch from Quito starting this Wednesday.

The portfolio anticipated that the recent operation was of “medium complexity and little invasive” in the lumbar area.

The Ecuadorian president, who took office a month ago, fractured his right fibula in 2013 during a religious pilgrimage in Spain, where medical malpractice affected his spinal cord.

Four years later, a hematoma on the cauda equina developed into several cysts, most of which were removed in an operation in 2018 in the United States.


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