President of Argentina questions the realization of the Copa América 2021

Argentina and Colombia are the venues of the continental fair.

Photo: Juan Barreto / AFP / Getty Images

Argentina and Colombia Are the venues of the Copa América 2021, a continental competition that had to be postponed for a year due to the pandemic. Despite this, perhaps this year the tournament will also be complicated. In order to Alberto Fernandez, president of the Argentine nationThe situation should be carefully analyzed, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and is wreaking more havoc than ever.

“I do not want to frustrate the spectacle of the Copa América, but I want us to be very sensible, very careful. We have some time ahead to analyze and see how things evolve, see how we can master the problem “Fernandez snapped.

This leaves the door open to a possible postponement to just two months of the event, which was set to start on June 13 and end on July 10. In Argentina, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba and Santiago del Estero are the places in which it is stipulated to play.

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are the teams that make up group B. The other five teams that belong to CONMEBOL will play in Colombia. Australia and Qatar, countries that were invited to the fair, declined their participation this year.

Alberto Fernández spoke about the situation of Argentine teams, whose teams have been affected by waves of infections even without going out to play in another country. He used it as an example to convey the danger of national teams traveling to Argentina and vice versa.

Although he mentioned it in isolation, it is a wake-up call that cannot be ignored and should be of concern to everyone involved. But the closer the date gets, the more chances are that we will have the Copa América this year.