Presenter Edna Schmidt wanted to return to television, a brutal fall truncated her dream

Edna Schmidt passed away on June 24. He was 51 years old. His last interview was with Neida sandoval, for several months was available on his YouTube channel. However, its content is no longer available, why? The journalist of Univision and Telemundo He asked him to remove it because he intended to resume his career and return to the world of news on television. He dreamed of returning.

The public of Neida and the late Edna Schmidt found out about this a few hours ago when the journalist apologized because the audiovisual production had disappeared from her channel, she explained her reasons by saying the following:

“Apologies: Yesterday when the sad news of the death of my dear friend and colleague Edna Schmidt was released, many of you wrote to me because you wanted to see again the last complete interview of Edna that I published on my YouTube channel a couple of years ago. months and they can’t find it … The reason is that I had to remove it because Edna asked me to do so a few days ago and I must respect her last will ”.

As Sandoval explains, Edna called him expressly to ask him to remove the interview: “Edna called me and personally asked me to remove our interview from my channel because she wanted to go back to work and considered that her image was not the best during our conversation, so I immediately removed it from my channel. “

And he added: “Without a doubt Edna loved life and dreamed of resuming her great passion of being in front of television cameras … I love you Edna … Rest in peace friend 🙏💔😞 Impossible to forget you.”

Unfortunately for the closing of this note, Neida’s publication with these apologies was no longer available, either, on her Instagram profile, which is where she reported the above. However, several Instagram users saved the publication and it can still be found on the networks. The reason that led Neida Sandoval to withdraw her statement regarding the video of her interview is unknown, however.

On the reasons for his death, was the journalist Martin Berlanga who spoke about the possible cause of his death, which appears to have been due to a fall. She was in Puerto Rico at the time of her death.

Here are Berlanga’s words:

Today it is with deep sadness that I learn of the death of my dear friend Edna Schmidt at 51 years of age due to a fall in her beloved Puerto Rico. I still have not awakened from amazement because we spoke on the phone a couple of months ago, we laughed and cried and talked about so many memories shared in journalistic work on television. Elegant, professional, sensitive, always generous. From my heart, applause for your work and your effort to get back up despite the problems of life. I love you and I will always admire you, little sister, fly high that you deserve to rest from so much, I’ll keep your laugh, your hoarse voice perfect for the news and the coquito that you always shared with us at Christmas ”.

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