Presentation date BMW 2 Series Coupé 2022

BMW is one of the most special brands for any petrolhead, and it is the passion for driving. A flag that in recent years does not wave as in the past, but that still continues to give some joy or other such as the second generation of the Series 2 Coupé that will be officially unveiled on July 8 at the GoodWood Festival of Speed.

It is an event with special interest, since it is precisely this model, the 2 Series Coupé, that still embodies the true essence of BMW with a two-door body of contained dimensions, a long hood under which you can hide six-cylinder in-line mechanics, and above all, rear propulsion, as well as dynamics that match the distilled image and that is assumed to continue to be maintained , since the Germans promise a 12% higher stiffness as well as a revised aerodynamics that reduces front axle lift by 50%.

In addition to the new 2 Series Coupé, other models such as the M5 CS or the new i4 will also roll

However, that July 8, this 2 Series will not be the only BMW to roll on the 1.16-mile route, but also will be accompanied by other models such as the BMW M5 CS, the most powerful production M to date with 635 hp, as well as the brand’s new electrics: the BMW iX and BMW i4.

For the moment still the final appearance of the new 2 Series Coupé is unknownSince both in the official images and the various spy photos that have transpired, it has been strongly camouflaged. However, all of them reveal some lines that preserve the essence of the previous generation and that of the first BMW 3 Series Coupé. Thus, it has traditional kidneys very similar to those of the Z4, accompanied by optics that are reminiscent of those of the previous Series 4 and that maintain the typical horizontality of the brand, avoiding the verticality used in that last Z.

Regarding the mechanical section, the access versions are provided by tetracylindrical blocks and rear propulsion, while the most powerful alternative awaiting a future M2 Coupé will be the M240i, a variant that will use a turbocharged six-cylinder with 374 hp and xDrive all-wheel drive that promises to prioritize the rear axle, all managed by an 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

Presentation Date Bmw 2 Series Coupe 2022 Goodwood 07 I4m

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