prepare your brand for this season

We are just a few weeks away from the start of the holiday shopping season, which will be unlike any other. Due to the pandemic, consumers have been adapting their activities and purchases to this new panorama.

The latest AMVO report indicates that the majority of Mexicans continue to shop online, especially to avoid crowds. And since the end of October, they have already begun the search for products and services to acquire during the Christmas season, the online channel being the most used to start their research.

In Mexico, 48% of December revenue is destined for year-end purchases compared to the global average of spending, where only 19% spend during this season, according to Google data.

This year, 6 out of 10 Mexicans will make purchases during the Christmas season, but 53% have declared that they plan to spend less during this season and only 1 in 10 will spend more than last year. This trend is mainly caused by the impact on finances and the uncertainty of buyers after 7 months of pandemic.

On the other hand, it is expected that 21% of purchases will be made omnichannel, since about 45% will visit physical stores to make their purchases, while 1 out of every 2 gifts will be purchased 100% online. This is the result of the adoption of online shopping in Mexico, where 39% of Mexicans already buy online, according to data from the AMVO.

How do I prepare my brand for this unusual Christmas season?


31% of users will make purchases through online and offline channels, for which we recommend focusing on and off efforts on offering a unified shopping experience. In addition to offering offers or coupons, based on the interaction and points of contact of the user with the brand, whether in a physical store or online.

Anticipate your purchases

Whether through branding campaigns or ads focused on conversion, generating visibility in advance will help you put yourself in the minds of your users during their purchases.

Communication and creativity

Communicate the benefits of the brand against your competition in an original and risky way, do not forget to mention hygiene measures and shipping logistics, including click and collect. Test concepts and creatives in real time and build your strategy taking into account the consumption of digital media.

Always On Campaigns

Always-on campaigns help maintain visibility even when there are no specific seasons, allowing brands to meet demands for a product or service.

These campaigns drive sales, recognition and purchase intention, since the algorithms of the platforms are gaining maturity and intelligence with the signals they are seeing from users.

They also help us to have a history of campaigns, identify what works and what does not, have creatives ready and know the trends in product sales.

Campaigns by category

Make efforts for products, taking into account the most sold and sought after during the season. It also takes into account the data from the last months to identify the categories that you should focus on. In addition, he tries to be very surgical in optimizing campaigns, managing smart biddings, recurrence, ROAS and CPA’s, to obtain the best results.

Although the search and purchase habits are different from those of a year ago, we must focus on the data and from there, to generate strategies that help us stay competitive during this unusual holiday shopping season.