Cooking on the spit requires patience. To eat at 14, at 8 you have to prepare the fire and at 9 leave the meat on the grill. For this weekend, we teach you how to cook a delicious Argentina-style lamb.

The ideal piece to cook is a lamb from 10 to 15 kilos. This is when the applause for the steakhouse will be inevitable: once the meat is cooked and served on each plate on the table, the family will be amazed and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Let’s do it!

Argentine recipe: roast lamb, easy and juicy. Grilled lamb.


Peppercorns Quantity needed
Lamb 1 (Approx 12k) Unit
Laurel 2 Leaves
Garlic 3 Cloves
Rosemary Amount needed
Thyme Quantity needed
Coarse salt Amount needed


To start, we open a lamb of 12 kilos approximately with the help of a large knife in order to adapt it to put it on the cross of the grill.
Then, we make an incision in the pallets and we place fresh herbs (thyme – rosemary).
We have the lamb on the cross with its respective hooks in the back and front rooms.
When the lamb is firmly attached to the cross, we take the grill with the part of the bones receiving the heat of the wood fire.
To salt the meat we must prepare a brine mixing in a bottle warm water (1 liter), coarse salt (10% approx. According to taste), 2 bay leaves, 3 crushed garlic cloves and 1 tablespoon of black peppercorns. Mix well until the salt is dissolved. We are sprinkling the lamb with this preparation during cooking.
When the back part is warm to the touch (3 hours), turn the lamb to the withers so that the leather part receives heat. We continue cooking over low heat without rushing.
Once cooked, remove from the cross and chop.
Cooking will take approximately 5 hours, depending on the fire and the weight of the animal.

Grilled lamb.