Premieres Spain (06/25/2021) – Flamenquito on horseback

Review of the premieres that hit theaters between yesterday, Thursday 24 and today, Friday 25 June.

As a more prominent title we have ‘Operation Shrimp‘(Buena Vista), a comedy by Carlos Thern in which Sebas, a rookie policeman who looks like a prick, is immersed in a dangerous mission: to infiltrate as a keyboard player in Los Lolos, a flamenco-trap band that is going to play in the wedding of the daughter of a local dealer.

For its part, for the little ones comes’Spirit – Indomitable‘(Universal), the next chapter in the popular saga that began with the 2002 Oscar-nominated film’ Spirit the Untamed Steed, ‘which features its own Emmy-winning television series. Regarding the film’s plot, it tells how Lucky Prescott’s life changes forever when he moves from his home in the big city to a small border town where he befriends a wild horse named Spirit.

Finally, we will also highlight ‘Healthy envy‘(A Contracorriente Films), a French comedy in which La, a lover of life in her forties, works in a small shop and is happily married to Marc, a conservative and somewhat insecure salesman. Everything works in perfect harmony in their lives until one night, at a dinner with some friends, La confesses his intention to write a novel.

Operation ‘Operation Shrimp’
Genre: Comedy
Director: Carlos Thern
Guin: Josep Gatell, Manuel Burque
Cast: Julin Lpez, Natalia de Molina, Carlos Librado ‘Nene’, Miren Ibarguren, Paco Tous, Antonio Dechent, Alberto Lpez, Julin Villagrn, Canco Rodrguez, Adelfa Calvo, Manuel Burque, Juanlu Gonzlez, Xisco Gonzlez
Plot: Unknown in the underworld, with the look of a slob and the gifts of a classical concert player, Sebas, a rookie policeman, is perfect for a dangerous mission: infiltrate as a keyboard player in Los Lolos, a flamenco-trap band that will play in Los Lolos. the wedding of the daughter of a local dealer.

Healthy envy ‘Healthy envy’
Genre: Comedy
Director: Daniel Cohen
Guin: Daniel Cohen, Olivier Dazat
Cast: Brnice Bejo, Vincent Cassel, Franois Damiens, Florence Foresti, Daniel Cohen, Keren-Ann Zajtelbach, Owen Tannou, Romain Cottard
Plot: La, a lover of life in her forties, works in a small shop and is happily married to Marc, a conservative and somewhat insecure salesman. Everything works in perfect harmony in their lives until one night, at a dinner with some friends, La confesses his intention to write a novel.

The lives of dem ‘The lives of others’
Genre: Drama
Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Guin: Mohammad Rasoulof
Cast: Ehsan Mirhosseini, Shaghayegh Shourian, Kaveh Ahangar, Alireza Zareparast, Salar Khamseh, Darya Moghbeli, Mahtab Servati, Mohammad Valizadegan, Mohammad Seddighimehr, Jila Shahi, Baran Rasoulof
Plot: Four stories about moral fortitude and the death penalty that question the extent to which individual freedom can be expressed in a despotic regime.

Spirit - Indomitable ‘Spirit – Indomitable’
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Director: Elaine Bogan, Ennio Torresan
Guin: Kristin Hahn, Katherine Nolfi, Aury Wallington
Cast: Eiza Gonzlez, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mckenna Grace, Isabela Merced, Walton Goggins, Julianne Moore, Gary A. Hecker, Marsai Martin, Andre Braugher
Plot: Lucky Prescott did not know his late mother, Milagro Navarro, an intrepid acrobat specialized in numbers on horseback from a small border town called Miradero. Like his mother, Lucky isn’t exactly a fan of rules and restrictions, which has caused his aunt Cora all sorts of headaches. Lucky grew up on the East Coast of the United States under the tutelage of her aunt, but after forcing the situation with countless dangerous escapades, Cora takes matters into her own hands and decides that the two of them move in with her brother Jim, our father. heroin. His destiny, Miradero, is a soporific little town that does not conquer me precisely …

The ninth prophec ‘The ninth prophecy’
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Mystery
Director: Nikolay Khomeriki
Screenplay: Oleg Mastich, Marina Denisevich, Sergey Bodrov, Michael Kupisk, Aleksandr Rodionov
Cast: Daisy Head, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Dmitriy Lysenkov, Yevgeni Tsyganov, Jonathan Salway, Evgeni Tkachuk, Igor Chernevich, Ivan Rashetnyak, Maksim Al-Names, Mariya Skuratova, Anna Khristich, Olga Odintsova, Vilen Babichevno, Maksim Tkintsovno, Maksim Tkachovno, Maksim Tintsova Shamshin, Igor Grabuzov, Oleg Volku, Denis Pyanov, Anatoliy Gorin
Plot: The story takes place between reality and the occult, and tells the story of Olivia, an attractive British medium who captivates the high society of St. Petersburg, while in another part of the city begins a series of murders whose victims are young , brutally mutilated … She may be next …

Luke ‘Luke’
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Lex Montoya
Guin: Lex Montoya, Sergio Barrejn
Cast: Jorge Motos, Jorge Cabrera, Jordi Aguilar, Irene Anula, lvaro Ferrandis, Sergi Martnez, Ainhoa ​​Ortuo, Mximo Pastor, Ana Revert
Plot: Lucas has just lost his father and everything around him begins to fall apart. One day he is approached by lvaro who offers him money in exchange for innocent photos of him. lvaro wants to use them to create fake profiles on social networks and talk “just talk,” he insists, with young girls. Desperate for his situation, Lucas agrees.

‘Where is the catch?’
Genre: Comedy
Director: Alessandro Siani
Guin: Gianluca Ansanelli, Alessandro Siani
Cast: Alessandro Siani, Stefania Spampinato, Giovanni Esposito, Sara Ciocca, Leone Riva, Enrico Ianniello, Gianni Ferreri, Stefano Pesce, Leigh Gill, Jun Ichikawa, Nicola Rignanese, Benedetto Casillo, Enzo Paci
Plot: Arturo Maravilla, is a young businessman who is not going through his best moment. Although he inherited from his father a theater company, famous for its circus shows, his numerous debts have led him to crisis and have only the worst comedian of the moment: Juanito Sin Blanca. The death of Arthur’s distant uncle seems to be his salvation. However, far from receiving an inheritance that allows him to pay his debts, he must take care of his deceased uncle’s family: his adopted children Joel and Rebeca. But not everything is what it seems, Arturo’s luck is about to change when he discovers that Joel does not speak but is gifted with …

The tel ‘The wind phone’
Genre: Drama
Director: Nobuhiro Suwa
Guin: Kyko Inukai, Nobuhiro Suwa
Cast: Shoko Ikezu, Serena Motola, Toshiyuki Nishida, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tomokazu Miura
Plot: Nobuhiro Suwa, author of such sensitive works as Yuki & Nina or The Lion Sleeps Tonight, returns to Japan with this road movie that reflects on the aftermath of the Fukushima tragedy. With a restrained emotion, Suwa centers the story on the journey of a young woman who lost everything and who is now looking for answers. A cathartic film about collective mourning.

The great way ‘The great way’
Genre: Documentary
Director: Alba Prol Cid, Ral Garca
Guin: Alba Prol Cid, Ral Garca
Plot: Documentary narrated in the first person by Alba and Ral, a couple of young filmmakers who decide to load their cameras in their backpacks to embark on an adventure of thousands of kilometers along the great walking routes of the world. The Pacific Crest Trail, one of the most extreme trails in the US, the mysterious Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the ancestral Kumano Kodo route between great Japanese temples, or the European Camino de Santiago, are nothing more than an excuse for a trip. deeper into the encounter of the people of the roads, with which universal themes such as borders, love and sacrifice for the family, social conflicts, spirituality, the care of our planet are dealt with …

The shadow ‘The shadow’
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Juan Antonio Chavero Briones
Screenplay: Juan Antonio Chavero Briones
Cast: Rafa Blanes, Silvia Navarro, Carla Crdoba Romero, Victoria Castillo, Ivn Ojeda, Eduardo M. Clavera, Andrs R. Santiago, Shahida Jimnez, Jose Ruiz
Plot: Juan and Luca are two survivors in a harsh post-apocalyptic Cordoba. After years together, the two now have different goals in mind, but on their way they will meet Elena. A girl, who says she is looking for her family. Their path will be more complicated than usual due to this unexpected encounter.

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