Nothing is what it seems. Now Arsenal knows, which has ended up learning from the press the reality of his stellar signing of the season.

The ESPN network has published a report in England that has everyone puzzled and that reveals the real reason why Willian decided to change the sidewalk in London, from Chelsea to Arteta’s team.

According to the version, the Brazilian, international with his country, had no intention of leaving Chelsea and was surprised to discover that the managers had other plans for him.

The source says that he was ready to sign a new three-year contract with the Blues, but suddenly no one was giving him a face for the renewal and that is how he felt they were ungrateful to him, after seven years at the club.

They assure that there were several meetings to discuss even a brief extension of the footballer’s contract to add the necessary months that would allow him to finish the season at Stamford Bridge, as it expired before the end due to the forced suspension in the pandemic, but that he was waiting the extension of the agreement for a longer time. It did not happen.

Then he got tired of waiting and ordered his agent to immediately sign with the first one who met his conditions, without further ado. It is said that there were also offers from Manchester United, Manchester City and Bayern Munich but Arsenal put the money in and kept it.

As it is, now we will have to wait carefully for the duel against Chelsea in which Willian will want to pass a collection account.