Jhon Córdoba was one of the players who was best valued in a Cologne that saved the category with just enough. That makes him a footballer who managers bet on him to leave some economic returns, so necessary in the midst of difficulties due to the pandemic.

Although the clubs in Germany are not currently in competition, there they are preparing for some movements and the prospect of selling Córdoba to another club is on the horizon.

In Cologne they trust to sell to Córdoba between 15 and 20 million euros, a figure that seems little for the forward market, although affordable in the midst of the global situation.

That is the information published by Express, a German media outlet, which consulted the sports director of the Horst Heldt team about the future of the Colombian. He pointed out that his contract expires in June 2021 and it is difficult to reach an agreement to extend it, since Colonia does not have the best financial income.

Although Heldt pointed out that there is no time pressure, in that country they are clear that the footballer could give good results in any country. The intention of taking him to England is that there is more economic power to fulfill what Cologne wants.

The difficulty of taking Jhon Córdoba to the Premier League would go through the labor legislation that applies there. For people who do not belong to the European Union, the requirement is to have played 70% of the matches to which their national team has been called, and in the case of Jhon Córdoba, has not yet been called to the Colombian National Team.

For people who do not meet this requirement there are other ways that allow them to have a work permit in England. There you have to add four points in different items. One of them is having played in a major European League and the Bundesliga is listed among that group (there is already a point there).

In this list is also that the player’s transfer is more than 75% of the average amount of the transfer market of the Premier League. If you do not meet that item, you could also earn points if you collect 75% of the average salary of the 30 best players in the Premier, however, with the stars that are in that country, Córdoba meet these requirements.