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The Korean player spoke about his experience in the soccer break on the military issue.

Son did his military service.

            Korean Marine Corps


Futbolred Writing

June 03, 2020, 02:36 p.m.

Son, player and figure of Tottenham, he had to go to his country, South Korea, to fulfill his military service obligations, which in this place does not exempt anyone, however famous he is.

The attacker took advantage of the football break due to the coronavirus and went to his country to comply with this area. Now, on the club’s social networks, he spoke about his military experience.

“I couldn’t say everything I have done but I have enjoyed it. It’s been a tough three weeks. A good experience. In the first days we did not know each other so it was a bit strange, some could not not speak to me. But soon we met each other and in the end we were all joking and enjoying together. You have to spend every day with your colleagues, there were ten of us in one room, so we worked and joined together a lot, “he said.

The footballer has already returned to training for the Spurs and hopes to continue making a difference, since this season he already has 16 goals with the London team.



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