Premier League launches campaign in support of Asperger’s Syndrome


Mexico City / 02.22.2021 14:21:13

On February 18, the International Asperger Syndrome Day, with the goal of visualizing this autism spectrum disorder, which affects many people.

By legend: « People are as diverse as soccer », in addition to other phrases, the Premier League clubs joined forces and commemorated this day by posting different slids on their social networks that reinforced the message of understanding and helping those who suffer from it or who know someone around them with this syndrome.

« Soccer is respect and inclusion », shared Inter Playa del Carmen. « I can help, moderating my hearing and visual pollution, people with Aspenger syndrome can be extremely sensitive to some environmental stimuli, making them uncomfortable or painful « was the message from Durango.

In addition to these messages, the teams of this circuit used black socks and their official colors, in a strategy that seeks to raise awareness among fans and players about Asperger’s.

This syndrome, discovered in 1944 by the Austrian Hans Asperger, It has been found that people with this condition tend to have a brilliant memory and high intellectual capacity, differing from autism in the fact that there is no delay in language or cognitive development.

One of the most famous cases diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome is the Barcelona striker, Lionel messiAlthough, as in most cases, it was detected at an early age and this has not prevented him from being one of the most successful athletes in recent years.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has described Asperger’s Syndrome as a « Generalized Developmental Disorder (PDD) of a chronic and severe nature that is characterized by deviations or abnormalities in social behavior and relationship skills ”.

The Premier League Clubs know the importance of unity in this type of campaign, to the point that the message is expected to be extended this weekend with a pleasant surprise in each of the matches on Day 17 for Group One and Day 19 for Group Two.