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Watford captain Troy Deeney received threats after he refused to return.

Troy Deeney, important in Watford’s win over Manchester United.



Futbolred Writing

May 28, 2020, 01:41 p.m.

In the midst of a return to training and competition in England, Watford forward and captain Troy Deeney denounced threats against him, after communicating that he would not be willing to return to training in the midst of the health crisis, since his Five-month-old son has respiratory problems and his departure can be dangerous.

The English footballer assured CNN that the threats received are directed at his newborn son: “I have seen some comments about my son in which people say: ‘I hope your son will take coronavirus.’ It lasts for me. If you answer, you see that they have caught you and continue to do so, “he said.

Finally, the striker assured that he spoke with the deputy medical director of England, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, and he has convinced him to join his colleagues in training: “He has done very well and has done a lot of research and there is a lot of goodwill on their part to tell me that they are going to take care of us as best they can and that in the end there will always be some kind of risk when we return to work. “

Deeney is expected to return to work alongside her teammates next week. Likewise, Premier League authorities announced the return of the league for June 17.



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