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The uncertainty about the return of the Premier League complicates several teams.

Clubs unite against the virus.



Jenny Gamez

May 26, 2020, 07:02 a.m.

It happens even in the best families: several clubs in the prestigious Premier League would be considering daily loans, with enormous interest rates, to survive in the midst of crisis.

Information from The Sun newspaper suggests that the serious financial problems caused by the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic would subject them to interest of around 25 percent a year on loans of £ 100 million.

The modality, which in Colombia is known as ‘drop by drop’, would shelter four teams willing to pay much more than the Bank of England’s base rate of 0.1 percent.

The crisis has become very difficult for those who used to live on the expectation of the ticket offices because even at the time of the Premier’s restart, the certainty that it will be behind closed doors will create more problems. They have no way of availing themselves of television monies as collateral with banks, since there is, in any case, no reliable wealth or cash flow before banks when it comes to paying.

The situation, according to experts, is that the British teams have become accustomed to spending well above their income in recent years and that, in times of recession, is a cross. That exposes them to those who do have liquidity take advantage of despair to take advantage.



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