Tottenham and Arsenal were the protagonists of a classic of north London that was half irregular, boring at times, but which was solved with great goals and unexpected actions.

Mourinho’s team, with initialist Dávinson Sánchez, would stay this time with the 2-1 victory, adjusted and suffered but very meritorious, for what he did to disarm the rival’s attack and take advantage of what little he generated in the rival area.

A riflazo after 16 minutes cut the tedium, a real goal from Lacazette gave emotion to a classic that started half lukewarm. Dávinson did not reach the closing, nor Lloris, nor anyone would manage to prevent the authentic jewel that the French pointed out.

But nothing or almost nothing would last the party, because two minutes later guess who was wrong at Arsenal? David Luiz, yes. At the start he was wrong, Mustafi and Kloasinac did not help and Son surprised him to later punish goalkeeper Martínez. Oh Brazilian!

Spectacular it would be to the auction of Macey at minute 30, for the flow of the Argentine Martinez who crashed the ball on the crossbar, while Aumbameyand responded to 39 with a great free kick charge that was whistling next to Lloris’ left post.

Dávinson Sánchez became a key player, playing on the right, to interrupt Aubameyang’s game and disconnect him from his teammates.

For the complement there were few emotions but Arsenal would dare for the first time at 58, getting rid of the marker and crashing his violent shot on the post.

70 minutes later, Tottenham’s attack woke up, a tremendous departure from Kane, who tricked Mustafi, opened the pass for Son and with his body was anticipated to cut Martínez.

At 78 a great play by Ceballos would come and Lloris saved at the last minute with a detour, almost with the fingertips.

At 80, Martinez would solve heads-up against Kane, but he could not do much more to avoid Alderweild’s goal in the closed center of Son and the header on the curtain gave again the feeling of David’s brand failure Luiz … who would not be the only responsible in any case.

And Tottenham would want more at 82 in another great outing from Kane that Martinez again won by stretching to deflect the auction. Son would have one more against Martinez and the Argentine would win again.

The balance was good for the DT’s strategy, the execution of the players and, more than anything, the Colombian Sánchez, the man who deactivated the rival attack and produced the final smile of Mourinho.