Pregnant model will charge more than $ 14,000 on OnlyFans to broadcast the birth of her baby live

Carla Bellucci has three children and is expecting the fourth. Now, The pregnant model announced that she will charge more than $ 14,000 dollars on OnlyFans to broadcast the birth of her baby liveAlthough she has taken advantage of her months of gestation by sharing sexy photos through her account on the popular site: by her calculations, she has made almost $ 57,000 (£ 40,000) from her images.

I was offered 10,000 pounds (about $ 14,000) from one of my OnlyFans to broadcast my birth live, and you know what, why not? I’m going to give fans the opportunity to broadcast my birth live for 10,000 pounds, ”the 39-year-old pregnant model and influencer told the Daily Star.

Aware of the controversial nature of his decision, Belluci knows that it will cause reactions of all kinds, “but I am a business woman and I need to earn money. I am my business”, He assured.

Bellucci became dubiously famous in 2019, admitting that he had faked suffering from depression to get the $ 10,000 (£ 7,000) it cost her for cosmetic nose surgery, the cost of which was absorbed by the UK’s National Health System. Now, she agrees that her sexy pregnancy photos have paid her big bucks on OnlyFans in no time.

Many men have fetishes for pregnant women. I gained over 3,000 pounds (just over $ 4,000) the day my pregnancy became known. Men want to see my belly and are excited, “said the woman.

In addition to the transmission of the birth of her baby, Bellucci has received other surprising and unusual requests: “I have received requests for my breast milk, which I find totally weird and didn’t even know that existed. Shocking! ”, He revealed.

Curiously, the model does not want to post many photos of her baby on social networks when he is born … unless, of course, that some publication would like to pay about 15,000 pounds sterling (just over $ 21,000) for a photoshoot.

The other children of Bellucci are adolescents of 15 and 18 years old, while the daughter of his partner is 24. And in fact, he expressed that you would like your children to become influencers too, to follow in his mother’s footsteps, instead of pursuing a college degree.

Carla Bellucci has more than 116,000 followers on her Instagram account and on several occasions has caused controversy by talking about the appearance and plastic surgeries of his 15-year-old daughter.

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