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We are not going to tire of saying it. Covid-19 changed our lives. Humanity went from traveling the world, one attached to each other without problem, to living separated and secluded so as not to infect us. It has been an apocalyptic scenario that upset all industries. This is because one of the main recommendations that was given, in addition to wearing face masks, was not to be in closed spaces with strangers. Thanks to this, many restaurants had to find a way to serve their diners abroad (when they were allowed to be open). This affected the cinema in a particular way because theaters do not have this option and, the truth is that locking yourself in a room to watch a movie with strangers seemed to many of us a good idea. In theory, with good ventilation and adequate measures, nothing would have to happen, but it is a space where people remove their masks to eat sandwiches while watching a movie. The risk is there.

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Needless to say, the governments of various countries found it necessary to close cinemas. This industry did not stop complaining throughout the pandemic when they saw that the situation began to become untenable. In recent times this has changed. They no longer operate with the capacity in which they did in pre-virus times, but in several countries they are already opening and more people are daring to see a movie. The main proof of this was the success of Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%. It made more than $ 300 million worldwide in two weeks with everything and it also premiered on HBO Max. It may not sound like much in the pre-pandemic era, but these days it is a sign of hope for studios and cinemas.

That said, the studies still can’t be trusted. The success of one movie is not necessarily going to mean that the others will do better. This was pointed out to The Observer, Jeff Bock, a box office analyst at the company specialized in this service Exhibitor Relations, although he mentioned that that does not mean that it gave it a boost it needed and, therefore, its performance at the box office should be studied carefully:

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It is very difficult to measure success in terms of how the entire industry will fare in the future, especially in this transition period. That said, the domestic debut of Godzilla vs. Kong gave streaming and theaters a much-needed boost. Their performance at the box office should be watched closely in the weeks to come.

This leads us to talk about Black Widow. It is one of the many films that had planned to come out last year, but did not get it because of the Covid-19. It was originally going to be released in May 2020, but for obvious reasons this was no longer an option for the studio. It was delayed to November of that year. When that was not an option either, it was moved to May 7, 2021. Now it has a date that will not change: July 9, 2020. Now the site specialized in box office performance The Numbers believes that this latest change has improved the predictions about the tape in the domestic market (United States). From making 45 million dollars, it is now thought that it could raise 170 million, of which 63 it would get in its first week.

Jeff Bock also considers that it was a good decision:

As for Marvel and other films that have changed their dates to summer, that can only help their cause at this point. The science of things suggests that the film industry is going to become more resilient in every way. That’s great news for blockbusters, considering that their budgets are usually inflated to $ 200 million these days.

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