PRD “breaks the pact” and withdraws the candidacy of Gamaliel Ochoa

The national leadership of the PRD withdrew Gamaliel Ochoa Serrano’s candidacy for federal deputy for Durango, due to the accusations of harassment and sexual abuse that were presented against him.

Through a press release, it was detailed that the decision was made in congruence with the principles of the party of not be accomplices of the « patriarchal pact » and in solidarity with the thousands of women who fight daily against some kind of violence.

“We are convinced of the firm support of the thousands of women who fight daily to eradicate any type of violence in a country in which 10 women are killed daily, victims of femicide. We PRD members have never been and will never be accomplices of the patriarchal pact, promoting candidates with a history of gender-based violence, ”he said.

Therefore, the party headed by Jesús Zambrano, resolved to withdraw the candidacy for federal deputy through proportional representation to Gamaliel Ochoa Serrano, clarifying that « we were not aware, at the time of his registration as a candidate, » of the allegations against him.

The party added that, among its standard-bearers for any popularly elected position for the next June elections, it will be essential to comply with the provisions of guidelines 3 of 3 against violence against women.

« We underline that the objective of our political institute is to prevent institutional violence, raise the level of public ethics and guarantee the human rights of all women, » he promised.

The PRD made it clear that “We do not intend to persecute men, but to make reality what is established in the first article of the Constitution, which is to promote, respect, protect and guarantee human rights. The commitment of our party has always been to promote candidacies of recognized prestige among society ”, he pointed out.

In the same way, he announced that in the coming days they will resolve the person who supplants Ochoa Serrano, reaffirming their commitment to women’s rights. « In the PRD we are certain that today more than ever from these political spaces we must combat violence against women. » They added that this situation is a reminder to « defenders of the aggressors » that public service seeks the welfare of society.

Just this week, groups of women promoted the hashtag #ElPRDProtegeAcosadores on social networks, before the application of Ochoa Serrano, who has an open process for criminal acts of harassment and sexual abuse.

« It is therefore that the PRD cannot ignore the complaint and the accusations against Gamaliel Ochoa Serrano, since it has a pending process in accordance with CI13729 / 2019, Criminal Case 55/2020 for the criminal acts of harassment and sexual abuse » they mentioned in a statement published on February 16.

In response, the leader of the PRD in Durango, Miguel Ángel Lazalde Ramos, responded to the accusations and commented that Ochoa Serrano would be exonerated due to lack of evidence, which is why he endorsed his participation in the next federal elections.

At a press conference, the PRD leader showed the same 55/2020 file that reads: « The process is suspended, as well as the precautionary measures imposed prior to the accused signed by judge Yesica Liliana Ramos Rodríguez, this is what is not Julieta Hernández Camargo mentioned yesterday and only showed a file that does exist, but with this ruling ”, (sic).

He added that the accusations against Gamaliel Ochoa related to a house arrest, as well as multiple criminal complaints against the candidate for federal deputy for the PRD were false and obey the electoral process.

« In this case, our colleague Gamaliel will be exonerated, since there was no evidence whatsoever, the person who complained did not even appear, much less challenged what the judge determined, » he concluded.

However, at the national level, the party decided to exclude him from the electoral contest so that he could participate for a federal deputation.