“Practice witchcraft” Pati Chapoy, says Gustavo Adolfo Infante

“Practice witchcraft” Pati Chapoy, says Gustavo Adolfo Infante | Instagram

A strong dispute between colleagues from the artistic environment has faced Gustavo Adolfo Infante with the journalist, Pati Chapoy, whom he accuses of “practicing witchcraft”.

Pati chapoy, the outstanding headline of the program “Windowing“and an important member of Tv Azteca, she was the target of strong accusations by Gustavo Adolfo Infante who accuses her of”witch“and even to perform” certain rituals. ”

The war has been unleashed between two of the great figures dedicated to journalism related to the popular circle of celebrities, the accusations have been increasing in tone and it has been on this occasion Gustavo Adolfo Infante who launched a strong attack on the evening host, Patricia Chapoy Acevedo.

The reaction of the presenter of the program “De primera mano” reversed after the “Mexican host” branded him a “poor ungrateful man.”

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The communicator of “Imagen Televisión” was not silent as he attacked the prominent 71-year-old figure, whom he described as a “witch” and as an “envious” person.

It was in a past interview with the magazine Tv Notes that Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured that the one who was his boss at some point, carried out certain practices, which “he does not like at all,” he said.

He has strange practices, I do not know if it is voodoo, Santeria or witchcraft, but it is one of those things, accused the journalist, an example was when he said “he sent for coconuts and that kind of thing.”

It should be said that during the beginning of his career in the show, Gustavo Adolfo Infante collaborated precisely in the production of Channel 4 of Televisa, which was headed precisely by Pati Chapoy, as far as he was concerned he could get to know the current one very closely member of Azteca Uno and Azteca 7.

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Do you do rituals on Tv Azteca?

The revelations by the Imagen Televisión collaborator did not stop there, since he also assures that in the company where the celebrity specialist works they know about his practices, although on the other hand he assures that so far “he has not seen anything beyond certain objects like bracelets and strange charms.

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Daniel Bisogno’s colleague of several years, Pedro Sola, Linet Puente, Mónica Castañeda, Rosario Murrieta and Ricardo Manjarréz, was the target of various negative comments from the driver who also pointed out that she was a “lousy journalist” and does not “know how to do interviews. “, although he recognized that he knows how to create successful work teams.

Likewise, Gustavo Adolfo confessed that in the end Chapoy Acevedo would have reacted by insulting him in the first place because of the interview that Frida Sofía offered him and not the broadcast of “Ventaneando” since he invited him to Miami to address all details on the subject of the alleged “abuse” by Enrique Guzmán.

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In short, according to Adolfo Infante, Pati Chapoy reacted with a certain “envy” for having achieved what she did not do, to achieve the exclusive with Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter.

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