PP and PSOE fight to promise more freedom than anyone

Isabel Díaz Ayuso (right) has managed to establish Pedro Sánchez (left) as her political rival in place of Ángel Gabilondo. (Photo by Europa Press / J.Hellín.Pool / Europa Press via Getty Images)

It was almost immediate. As soon as Pedro Sánchez advanced the vaccination schedule for Spain yesterday, reaffirming his goal of having 33 million citizens vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of August, the doubt arose. Why is the President of the Government committed to such a specific horizon with the constant delay experienced in the supply of doses in Europe? Why do you trust part of your political credit to a matter so difficult to predict accurately?

The answer is ‘freedom’. Specifically his need to compete in ‘freedom’ with the PP of Madrid. To offer more ‘freedom’ than that proposed by the president of the Community of Madrid, with her famous campaign slogan: ‘Communism or freedom’. Or directly ‘freedom’, as just made official.

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Indeed, the chief of staff of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, has won the first electoral battle of this 4-M. Setting the primer framework of debate on the laxity of mobility restrictions applied in Madrid in front of closure of the hotel business to which the PP accuses the central government. A victory that, according to the polls, will win Ayuso a good handful of votes from owners and workers of bars and restaurants.

The PSOE is in a hurry to combat this idea. For neutralizing the disadvantage that it presents today with respect to the PP. But without using the word ‘freedom’. Because that battle is already lost. In short, what he wants is to prevent the vote for the PP from being associated with open work and leisure and that of the PSOE with the closing of bars and restaurants. Today Ayuso has again pointed out that to force Madrid to closing the perimeter in San José and at Easter is economically asphyxiating Madrileños and businessmen.

How will you do it? Well Breathing optimism for the summer, predicting a normality for the summer holidays that right now seems very complicated given the vaccination rate. And, if that’s not enough, cataloging of “chaos” and of “drunken tourism” the policies of Isabel Días Ayuso.

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In return, Pedro Sánchez confirmed yesterday that the Government will not extend the State of Alarm beyond May 9. A relaxation of the measures for which there is still more than a month left, but in the PSOE they hope that the idea of ​​a return to normality is already penetrating in the Spanish. “Leaving behind the dark and painful stage of the pandemic” and eliminating curfews, confinements at once or the perimeter closures. Something that it is fatal to the PP that now, after months of asking for its repeal, asks to extend it.

“We are approaching the end of this nightmare” is the final message that Pedro Sánchez intends to send to all Madrilenians before casting his vote at the polls, so that he can see that, in matters of freedom, the PSOE is not lagging behind to PP.

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