Povetkin acted depressed against Whyte by the coronavirus

Darío Pérez
@ Ringsider2020

The manager of the Russian Aleksandr povetkin, Dimitry Ivanov, has stated that the effects of the coronavirus slowed down his client, citing it as the main reason for his recent defeat against Britain’s Dillian Whyte in Gibraltar.

The fight was the revenge of the great KO given by the Russian to Whyte last August, whose immediate fight was stopped several times by the contagion of the winner of that first fight between the two: first, it was set for November, but Povetkin was hospitalized, and then for January, but the convalescent fighter still could not start the preparation, so March was the date on which that rematch was played, in which Whyte was much superior. Even more than it was in 2020, when he had twice sent Povetkin to the mat before receiving one of the KOs of the year.

Actually, it did give the impression that Povetkin was weak in the recent clash, which his manager tries to decipher: “In my opinion, the coronavirus is not 100% studied, especially the consequences it leaves on the body after having passed it. I think it has a lot to do with people’s ability to concentrate and reaction time ».

Something like this has also manifested Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the WBC, whose interim title was at stake, when he did not see Alexander Povetkin physically ready to fight: “Povetkin is a warrior with a big heart, but I think he was not prepared for a fight as tough as the rematch against Whyte for medical reasons stemming from his illness”.

Without wanting to value Ivanov’s words or justify Povetkin, we must point out that the covid and its effects have been noticed in several boxers after having suffered the disease: Miguel Berchelt against Óscar Valdez, Luke Campbell against Ryan García or Povetkin in this second fight against Whyte, they seemed little resistant to the battle and diminished in their performance.